How to Connect the DHT22 to the Raspberry Pi Pico - Measure Temperature and Humidity in MicroPython

The DHT22 is a very powerful environmental sensor used in DIY projects for the Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and various other microcontrollers. It measures humidity and temperature accurately, all at a low price.
In this tutorial, we show how to connect it to the Raspberry Pi Pico W in MicroPython to start getting readings very simply!
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Step 1-) Physical Connection

You will only need 3 jumper wires to make the connection, the ShillehTek DHT22 from Amazon comes with wires packaged, as do most versions of this device.

Step 2-) Thonny and MicroPython Setup

You should have Thonny setup with your Pico W and MicroPython as a pre-requisite. The first thing you have to do is download the DHT library by going to Tools > Manage Packages, and searching DHT. Download the dht package.
Once you have that you can run the following code by creating a Python file on your device and pasting it in and running:
You can find the code on our GH page.
The code is simply creating a dht22 object from the library and utilizing the method.measure() to take measurements every time interval. If you want to increase the interval you can change the time.sleep() value. It is an incredibly simple library so there is not that much depth to it other than what is shown in this example.
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